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Bi-facial Dual Glass PV Modules

Tier 1, bankable solar modules made with N type bifacial solar cells. Up to 450 Wp at 30 % ground reflectivity. Characterized for 1000W/m2 & 200W/m2 on the front and rear side respectively.Up to 85 % bifaciality factor 2*IEC testing to ensure extremely high reliability of PV modules. Near zero LID, PID free, 1500 V module High insulation resistance due to special raw materials. FULL brocure at our products page.

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Speed Solar Originals

We are developing our own designs for creative solar fences, car ports, awnings, racking systems and more. These Speed Solar originals will be available in complete package deals for solar installers or “do it yourself” customers.

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Mono-crystalline PERC Module

Tier 1, mono-crystalline 72 cell PERC silicon solar PV modules. 345 Wp & 355 Wp Modules with 7% higher energy output than Industry Average of 315Wp Polycrystalline module . Higher specific Energy Yield (Kwh/Kwp) due to superior cell and module engineering leading to Lower LCOE. Manufactured on 100% automated line; using state-of-the-art module manufacturing technology. FULL brochure at our products page.

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Speed Solar
Accelerating Solar Energy Innovation

We provide clear-cut differentiated value. What does that mean to us and to our customers? There is a simplicity to our products, we are doing something different, and we are providing a good value. New technology is available with high efficiency bi-facial solar panels. We used our experience with aluminum extrusion technology to develop racking, fencing, pergolas, awnings and solar roofs for the panels. We will also provide systems with inverters and batteries in our complete solar energy systems.

  • Our goal is to accelerate the installation of solar energy systems by fast access to components.

  • Creative solutions could be our middle name. If we had a middle name.

  • We provide a great price on a quality product because we want you to be a repeat customer!

  • We will do our best to treat you right!


Cal Couillard

Team Member
The crazy inventor guy in the Speed Solar Team. Cal has invented his way through multiple businesses to reach his true passion: designing solar solutions to put fossil fuels out of business. And he hopes to disrupt how power companies traditionally have treated alternative fuels.

Al Waller

Team Member
Al is the other crazy creative guy on the Speed Solar Team. He has a passion for selling innovative and high quality solutions to those ready to take it to the next level. Call Al at (608) 354-6370

Jan Farnsworth

Team Member
Jan is the financial guru and organizational muscle in the Speed Solar Team. She brings extensive experience with management of people, budgets and a strong commitment to environmental protection. She is also experienced at herding cats. This is a necessary skill for Team Speed Solar. Jan can be reached at (608) 213 9896

Amer Arafat

Team Member
Amer is our calm, level headed engineer that translates product ideas into reality. He has extensive experience in design and manufacturing of innovative products. Solar energy products are his newest frontier!

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