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Solar Panel Wholesale Distributor Providing Fast Energy Solutions

We provide clear-cut differentiated value. What does that mean to us and to our customers? There is a simplicity to our products, we are doing something different, and we are providing a good value. New technology is available with high efficiency bi-facial solar panels. We used our experience with aluminum extrusion technology to develop racking, fencing, pergolas, awnings and solar roofs for the panels. We will also provide systems with inverters and batteries in our complete solar energy systems.

  1. Mono-Crystalline Perc Module
    Mono-Crystalline Perc Module
    • Manufacturer: Adani Solar
    • Power rating: 345W (also have 355 and 360)
    • Frame color: Anodized aluminum alloy
    • Number of cells: 72 cells
    • Frame Size: 40 mm
    • Cell Type: Mono-crystalline PERC
    • Tier Ranking: 1
    • Series: 1500 V
    • Modules per pallet: 32
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  2. Bi-Facial Dual Glass PV Module
    Bi-Facial Dual Glass PV Module
    • Manufacturer: Adani Solar
    • Power rating: 345W
    • Frameless
    • Number of cells: 72 cells
    • Cell Type: Notype Bifacial Dual Glass
    • Tier Ranking: 1
    • Series:  1500 V
    • Modules per pallet: 32
    • Up to 85% bi-faciality factor
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Markets Served

We sell high-performing solar modules from the world’s leading manufacturers at an affordable price, and deliver them to your home, business or job site quickly. Not only that, we are the Midwest’s first-choice solar solutions provider.

With a Solar PV System, businesses can convert direct sunlight into usable energy instead of paying thousands of dollars annually for traditional power.

While solar power was once available only to the well connected, it has since become an affordable energy solution for just about everyone.

When working with Speed Solar, professional installers can guarantee to customers that they are installing equipment that meets the highest standard of quality in the industry.

Who we are

Who We Are

Speed Solar Inc. is accelerating the use of alternative energy by promoting solar to replace fossil fuels. We are expanding the installation of solar power systems by providing quick access to quality solar components.

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