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Meet the Team

Meet the Speed Solar Team

speed solar team member cal


Cal is the crazy inventor guy in the Speed Solar Team. Cal has invented his way through multiple businesses to reach his true passion: designing solar solutions to put fossil fuels out of business. He hopes to disrupt how power companies traditionally have treated alternative fuels.

Cal led the successful company, Componex, for 20 years where they became THE innovator in manufacturing “WINertia” dead shaft idler rollers for the converting industry.  The slogan blazed on their office wall, “Clear-cut Differentiated Value” is also the mantra Cal is bringing to this, his fifth business, Speed Solar. He feels we are at a critical time to make an impact with solar energy.

Cal and his wife, Laurie, are passionate about reversing the negative affects CO2 have on our atmosphere.  Its accelerating degradation is threatening the future of our children and grandchildren. As a result, they have made it their mission to invest in the Couillard Solar Foundation and Speed Solar.  If not us, who will champion the change?  They are looking for others to join them as champions in their local communities.

Cal can be reached at or (608) 764-4900

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speed solar team member al


Al is the other crazy creative guy on the Speed Solar Team. He takes delight in not following a linear career path.  He has led in the diverse worlds of laminators to marketing games!  Ever heard of the award-winning card game, “Apples to Apples?” His business, Out of the Box, brought it to millions of families. Al is always up to a new challenge.  Expanding the installation of solar energy arrays to offset carbon-based energy sources is his biggest and most important challenge.  

Al has a passion for selling innovative and high-quality solutions to those ready to take it to the next level.

You can reach Al at or call him at (608) 764-4900 

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speed solar team member amer


Amer is our level headed engineer that translates Speed Solar ideas into reality.  He is an engineering professional with over 20 years of broad-based experience in new product development; moving from design through launch phases. Amer is known for building and leading teams to solve complex technical problems. He is a manager focused on quality customer service and cost-effective production.

Amer can work with diverse cultures, even “Cal-talk”.  (Its an original language and style that has the unique characteristics of moving VERY quickly, tackling challenging problems to develop extremely simple solutions!)

You can reach Amer at or call him at (608) 764-4900

Learn More About Amer on LinkedIn