SCHA Powers Up with Solar

Speed Solar is proud to provide its Adani solar modules to the Sawyer County Housing Authority (SCHA) solar energy installation. It is expected to offset over 90 percent of the SCHA’s annual electric use and is expected to produce around 190,000 kWh per year.

The 52 renewable energy systems will be spread out across six different housing development sites including Radmore Village in Radisson, Winmore Village in Winter, Stone Lake Senior Housing in Stone Lake, Exeland Senior Housing in Exeland, Plainview Village in Exeland, and Vista Village in Hayward. The project was designed and installed by Carlson Electric.

The Couillard Solar Foundation provided funding through its “Solar For Good Program“, administered by Renew Wisconsin.

SCHA provides safe homes to families in Sawyer County, WI, regardless of any financial situation.  In the early 1970s the Sawyer County Government recognized the need for affordable housing in Sawyer County and thereby created the Sawyer County Housing Authority.