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Wholesale Solar Modules

See the Light with Speed Solar's Bi-Facial PV Modules. These 72 cell modules are listed at 370 W (Frontside) with up to 481 W (with Backside reflected light power included). The ability to produce more energy from the (Backside) albedo light in a solar array is a huge advantage for reducing a project footprint and installation costs.

Advantages of Speed Solar Bi-Facial Modules:

  • Up To 30% More Power

  • Automatic Snow Melting

  • Radiant Air Cooling


Bi-Facial PV Modules

  • Manufacturer: Philadelphia Solar
  • Power rating (Front side): 370 W
  • Power rating (Back side 5% – 30% extra power based on albedo light): +18.5 W to +111 W
  • Power rating (Total) from 388.5 W to 481 W
  • Frame color: Anodized aluminum
  • Number of cells: 72 cells
  • Frame Size: 40 mm
  • Cell Type: Grade A –Mono-Crystalline Silicon
  • Series:  1000/1500 V
  • Modules per pallet: 27
  • Up to 85% bi-faciality factor